Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am a married woman

One month ago today, I was standing at the alter saying my "I do's." It is amazing how fast time flies, I am just in awe of how amazing married life is. I really enjoy being a wife, getting married was a good choice. I think one of the things I was the most scared of was cooking. I have been pampered my whole life with my mother's amazing cooking. She has basically been my own personal chef always making meals for me and my lunches for work). I would say I don't have much experience. PB & J anyone?! I surprised myself in how much I actually love cooking. Seeing someone enjoy something I make is a wonderful thing. So far, some dishes I have made have been enchiladas, stroganof, manicotti.. to name a few of the really nummy ones!

Brandon is trying to teach me to be more frugal, I love that about him. If he wasn't cautious about money, we would be in trouble. It has been so wonderful living with my best friend, someone who is so kind and loving. It has amazed me how natural it felt living with someone else, having never moved out of my parents home.

some things i have really enjoyed this past month:
-rushing home from work to make a meal for brandon
-painting and decorating, making it "us"
-having the same 3 days a week off work to spend with eachother
-spending hours at the grocery store
-entertaining friends
-waking up next to my man

I am just so excited for many years together and the adventures we will have as husband and wife.

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