Monday, October 25, 2010

beautiful bedding

Having just moved into an apartment, bedding was one of the most fun things to look for! Here are some I loved and ended up with one, can you guess which one?

Kissing Pleats bedding Target

Cirrus bedding Anthropologie

Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Urban Outfitters

Rosette bedding Anthropologie

Shabby Chic bedding Target


  1. I've wanted that Cirrus bedding for YEARS!

  2. I LOVE ANTHRO BEDDING!!! This is SO funny cuz i look at ALL of these different bedding ALL the time. I actually just bought that Target one on the bottom on ebay for $65 brand new hahaha hopefully it'll tide me over till i can get an Anthro one :) LOVE THESE ALL!!

  3. i think you got either the Cirrus or Rosette from anthro.

  4. I have the kissing pleats bedding from target and the buttons keep falling off. I don't sleep on the pillow shams but they fall off too! I love the look, just hate sewing on buttons all the time!

  5. purple rosette! i love it :) debating if i should exchange it though for the cirrus, because the color of the pillows are a little off from the bedding and they dont have ones that match perectly..

  6. I have to say that I have the cirrus bedding and it washes so well! We don't have the bed skirt though... however I am a sucker for the Euro pillows:)