Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celeb Crush: Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful women. Her striking looks that is mixed with French, Hawaiian, Dutch, Irish, Filipino, and German give her that gorgeous exotic look. The fact that she can pull off any look from a messy pixie to long smooth locks would make it so fun to be her hairstylist!

End it with a BANG!

{for you, maybe not me) .. but i do love them.

Inspired by MK&A

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have always been an inspiration to me with their flair and different style. Never trying to look like anyone else, they amaze me every time! I love that they are twins yet love being so different from each other, whether just in pictures or real life. They chose to have different hair colors and styles that suit themselves and their personality. Their looks can range from being very elegant and flawless or more bohemian and rugged. I confess I still have a little obsession with them, after the years and years of collecting their movies and watching full house.

Mary Kate Olsen

Ashley Olsen