Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bare No More

We are in the process of transforming our living room with color and rearranging things. Since we have rearranged our whole room, we now have one huge bare wall that needs to be filled. I have several ideas but cannot decide on what to do or just put all my ideas into action! Shelving, photos, do it yourself type of projects, etc is what I had in mind!

I love this idea with the big mirror and several random photos and different sized frames around it, so fun!

These textured gold frames make a great accent to the more modern square frames. Also, I have a key obsession so I love those too!

I love the idea of adding shelving as well with possibly some old books, candles and mason jars and keys!


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  2. i really like the shelving.. also the very last pic and the one with the white couch and the brown and white striped curtains.. i love the frames in that one.. and i like the idea of doing one with chalk board paint cuz then you can write fun messages :)